NGK sparkplugs.

Thanks Missle, I thought that is what they were but even the NGK site has no info on them.


i called up schucks auto supply and asked for a cross on a CR8E. Auto lite has one and so does bosch. P/N for auto lite is 4303. And for the bosch he said it was the same thing. But the bosch is a platnium 4 which means that it has 4 electrodes instead of one. or two. They were both about 5 bucks from schucks. I am going to go searching on my own. Yamakaze you are good at searching these would you mind giving me a hand. Sorry for the terrible typing i have.


I talked w/the Mgr at my local O'Reilly store..he said they will special order a box of 10 plugs and they will sell them until they are gone. I asked if I had to buy the whole box if an order like that was placed and he said no. I told him how much cheaper they were than a dealership and he was shocked. Just fyi.

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