3 x 3 mod / pipe question

OK... I finally did the full 3 x 3 on my 400s. I'll admit that I'm not the first to part with a buck, but holy :lol: was it ever worth it!! The bike had the Yosh pipe already when I bought it so I basically only cut the hole, put in a new filter and did the jetting. My question is: I would like to (on occasion) swap out the Yosh pipe with a full exhaust system from an E model for street riding. Will this effect the jetting big time or is just a matter of turning the fuel screw a bit?? Or should I just say screw it and keep pissin' off my neighbors!! (just don't want to get a ticket for excessive noise) Any advice, as usual, is greatly appreciated. And again... if your in doubt about doing the 3 x 3, don't go out drinking one weekend and you can afford it. (and you'll have no hang over!)

I run open yosh with 3x3 and fcr. Personally I'd never trade the power for the quiet. For me, when I'm in a quiet residential neighborhood, I am very careful on the throttle. I don't think the noise level is that bad if you're careful.

I run the stock 400S pipe and an FCR39MX with the 3X3, and I feel plenty of HP in the Ass-Dyno. I had something in the back of my mind that back-pressure makes for better low end torque, where opening up the exhaust allows for high rpm torque thus higher HP. With trail riding mostly, I am happy to keep that low end torque. What's more I went to a higher tooth rear sprocket.

In short, you should try the stock pipe and see if it runs. Pay close attention to the low RPM power. Do you like that?


I agree-the throttle is like a volume knob. I stay off it in town, and they're all loud offroad, you can hear them for miles stock or open 2"core.

But I did break down and install a quiet core in my exhaust and haven't really noticed it a handicap except at full blast. I don't have the fcr though and that would max it's flow significantly earlier.

I am curious if you're asking about this for a drz/klx400 or something else. The bike in your avatar doesn't look like a klx400.

If you have a full yosh exhaust system and a stock E model drz 400 exhaust (and are putting it on a drz/klx) you'll have slightly rich jetting with the stock system if you jet for the full system (which is what you should do).

It's a 2002 DRZ400s. The avatar is my old bike... need to change that pic. That was a 98 KLX300. Great to ride.. hard to start. I picked up the DRZ for $2000 used and have put about $300 into it and its lookin pretty sweet. Runs great, but it's a little loud. I have a short commute to work so its a great gas saver and a lot more fun to drive than my truck. I was thinking of getting an "E" pipe/muffler to quiet it down a bit but was trying to find out if it would be worth it. It may be my imaginatin, but I just did the jetting (to complete the 3 x 3) and the bike seems a little quieter. Maybe because it idles much better and no longer backfires on deceleration (barely) Thanks for your input

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