Best Exhaust For 99 YZ400f

I currently have an FMF powerbomb header and the power core IV Silencer and im not really sure if I like it. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on which one was rated the best for the bike. I mostly do woods riding so I like alot of low to mid power. I know the bike already has a ton but you guy get what im saying.

Thanks, I appreciate the help guys.

If you want more mid to lower, I'd stay with the stock silencer and the powerbomb. Repack w/ FMF packing w/ it starts to get loud, you'll notice you low end come back too. I had the PC IV, I went back to the stock silencer for the same reasons on my '00 426.

If your gonna be woods riding may I suggest getting a silencer that is spark arrested and quiet so we can keep what trails we have. The FMF Q is a pretty good choice for that. No exhaust really quiets the 400-450's down to an acceptible level while still letting them run correctly, but the Q makes a good go at it.

As for max power output.....How much power do you really need to go 20mph thru the woods while dodging trees, rocks, & roots????

I have the same bike with a White Brothers pipe- excellent mid and low range power, and with the spark arrestor and silencer in it it is not as loud as the FMF pipe I have on my TT250.

Thanks for the info. I recently just picked up a used pro circuit T4 full exhaust (used). The guy gave me the spark arrestor end also. So im going to try it out. I agree that we should quiet the bikes down so we can keep the trails that we have.

Thanks guys

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