01 426 clutch maintenance...

Except for the release arm, it should all fit.


Is it my imagination or are the GYT-R and the Hinson clutch assemblies the same? I got a complete Hinson form the TT store and while I was installing it on my 426 a friend was installing a GYT-R basket and pressure plate, looking at them both they look the same, down to the lettering style. I did some searches here at TT and some other sites and I could not find this addressed. Thanks for the time and sorry to interrupt the thread.


All GYT-R clutch components are, or once were, Hinson. There's no difference except that the GYT-R stuff is cheaper. As far as the GYT-R clutch plate kit, the only difference is that Yamaha adds a release arm, and I don't know if the Hinson kit includes the boss spring, spring seat, and the special bottom friction plate that the GYT-R uses (parts from the '01 426).

Someone said a while ago that Hinson was no longer making the GYT-R parts, but that's the only place I've heard that, and they still look the same to me.


I cannot comment on the plates as I used EBC for my 02. the store here was out of the Hinson plates at the time so I got the EBC to get my bike running. The Hinson system had everything included as far as the spring seats, et al.


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