Places to ride in Arkansas?

Don't know about Arkansas, but in Oklahoma there is Camp Gruber near Muskogee, good trails with rocks and bigger rocks. Stillwater cycle park has a supercross type track and lots of trails. This is my favorite place to ride, has that good red dirt.

Do you ever ride at Chadwick? We were going to try to ride there during christmas break but just did not make it. Looking forward to riding there when it warms up a little bit. Looks like a nice place.



Where'bout's are you in SW Missouri?

I'm in Springfield and if you havent ever been to Chadwick then thats your closest as far as drive time is concerned.

But if you must go to Arkansas, then White Rock down in Cass, AR is the place! But be careful, its a huge area and newbies can get lost very easily down there. But the riding is terrific!

As far as the terrain, Chadwick and White Rock are very similar in terrain. Big rocks!

Nevermind, I see your from Sparta, so you have definatly been to Chadwick.

Check out white rock though. Its about an hour out from Springdale, AR


Thanks for the input. I was traveling up through Oklahoma yesterday from Dallas to Big Cabin and passed right throug that area. Too bad I didnt know about these areas or I would have taken a look.

Chadwick is a fantastic place to ride. You will have a great time if you visit there. Beautiful surroundings, challenging trails, good camping facilities etc. There is a little store in the town of Chadwick called Kay's Store. Get a map and your $5 permit there.


I will try out White Rock, sounds like a good time. Is there camping available nearby? I'm assuming it is a bit warmer down there this time of year.

Yea, they have camping avialable. Its very primitive through.

Im not sure I casn even tell you how to get to the camping area but if you go to Arkansas Hare Scramble website, they will be able to tell you anything you need to know.

Its only about a 3 our drive from where you are at so I doubt the temp would be much different.

Sitting here in southwest Missouri with snow on the ground wondering if there are any good riding areas in Arkansas, our friendly State to the south. Any suggestions for a weekend road trip?

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