James Dean help??

I have a wr426 with all the mods done.Im trying to figure out what needle to run.I foolowed your advice on the 250 but I cant find your specific choice for the behemoth one.I just got an OBELP from my dealer but what is your choice.I know ,I know,"I really should have know" haha

A little background:

EMN#5, ELN#4.5, EKN#4, and EJN#3.5 are all equivalent.

EMP#5, ELP#4.5, EKP#4, and EJP#3.5 are all equivalent also and match the stock YZ250 & YZ426

All 8 of the carb needles above are extremely close depending on the clip position used.


For the 400/426 I would prefer the ELN#4 as an all around choice. Secondly, with the ELP try #5 clip with a reduced pump stroke and #4 with otherwise stock jetting.

My '00WR400 ran great with:

#48 pilot

#100 pilot air

1 turn

EKP#4 (nearly same as stock '01YZ426 EJP#4)

#170 main

#200 main air

.5 second accel pump (BK Mod)

YZ timed, YZ exhaust


Hey James thanks for the complete reply.1 more thing on the o1' 426s does the b-k or the p-38 help improve performance?

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