07 JD jet kit

Is anyone using this kit in there 07? Let me know your thoughts.

I have it sitting on my workbench. Its too cold to venture out in the garage right now. I'm wondering if the AP bands they include are really necessary, or are a "nice to have" if you looking for quicker throttle response. I wasn't planning on messing with the AP unless I felt there was an issue with the stock set-up.

It's sitting on my work bench as well... I put a white bros fuel screw in and the bike runs great. I will probably start working on my cab settings next month before race season...

I just put mine in Friday night....in the freezing cold garage! Rode on Sunday....the bike flat rips now!! Use the thicker o-ring, it definitely makes a difference on instant throttle twist. I've installed this kit for a friend on his Honda with the same result. The thicker o-ring allows the accelerator pump to forcefully 'push/pull' the fuel through the orifice on quick throttle twists. This mod really works: you can add an o-ring on almost any of these without any other modifications and notice the difference. Don't skip this step!

P.S. using my sons log-in...he rides the Kawi....I ride the Yamahas!

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