How can I buy / import a Yamaha XT 660?

Is it possible to get this bike into the USA? Anyone out there ride one?

Your thoughts?:lol:

I had the same thoughts as you. Why didn't Yamaha offer the XT660 here. Maybe they will wake up this year.

There has to be a way! Yamaha has taken chances with odd bikes before. Any Yamaha dealers want to weigh-in on "how to" bring this bike to a USA home?

Hey guys, we have them here in oz, they are a nice bike, but depending on what you were doing with them. For the open road yeah its ok, for taking it to the track forget it. It's heavy & underpowered. Still nice but, i test rode one, loved the look of it when i first saw it but after riding it, would be a good commuter or long distance tourer.

Just my 2c

Thank you. Are they the same bike as the MZ's? How do they compare to the KTM SMC. Does this bike have fuel injection? How's the throttle response?

they're more fitted for commuting as stated above, i'd never get one to use as a "funbike" because they're underpowered and heavy as &%$#@!, the injection system is still pretty jerky (first model had serious issues with the FI), they have improved the FI system but it's still not what it should be. riding at slower speeds (30 mph in crowded city areas for instance) prooved to be quite a hassle when i testrode my mate's '05 model

most guys that i know that bought one installed a set of pipes, K&Nfilter and a powercommander to give it some more juice, but most still weren't impressed with the performance after investing a considerable amount of money in parts.

the bike wheights around 170 kgs and has 48hp@. even I that work at a yama dealer think it´s a dog. stick whith DRZSM or the SMC. the suzy has the same power on a much lighter package, plus lots of hop-ups from yoshimura( less braking power though). the KTM is also lighter and more powerfull. they both are very reliable and also do great on road or track

Thank you for weighing in. My DRZ is a blast. I like the KTM 625 SMC. Also the Duke II was fun. Are they still available?

How about the new KTM 690 Supermoto? Looks really cool. Are they available?

I've been wondering this same thing ever since the XT660 came out. Yamaha sells them in Mexico so I wonder what it would take to get one over the border? That probably wouldn't be as hard as getting it licenced. Yamaha is missing an chance to sell a bunch here in the states. I owned a TT500C, a TT600 and I now own a TT500E. I'd love to have a dual sport big bore Yammy thumper now.


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