bigger sprocket XR650L?

:lol: do they make a bigger front sprocket for the XR650L (06')? Who and whats the advantages on that? I run a 15 tooth front and 45 tooth in the rear (stock). I want more speed off the line. Any suggestions?

Easy. Drop the front to a 14t! Or keep the 15 and go with a 47,48,50 in the back. Or do both!! 14 -48 is great for dual sport. 48 on the back and switching back and forth with the 14-15 for street off road is a easy and nice set up!

Are there 47 tooth sprockets available?

Does anyone know the Honda part number for a 14 tooth CS sprocket for the L?

Does anyone know the Honda part number for a 15 tooth CS sprocket for the L?

Service Honda's website confuses me. I need to know the PN before I can get pricing.

If I was to go with 14/47 for off road use and keep a 15 tooth sprocket handy for street/travel would that be the same as 14/45? Or is 14/45 best for all around?

Also how many links required for 15/47?


Who's doing this and how's it working out for you?

Looking to replace chain and sprockets soon (7,400 miles - still look good but want to gear down slightly for off road, but still commute)


Ps: I have read through

That's why I'm asking.

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