07 450F Gearing ?

Just got a 07 450F. Anybody have any thoughts / suggestions on gearing ? I'll be using this bike for MX only. For Cali guys I ride at Hangtown / Marysville mostly.


I have been running a 53 tooth on the rear. For me I get better 2nd gear starts and use 2nd thru 5th on the track. I ride 40+ expert and for my speed and style I am happy with that choice.

A 53 doesn't hit the chainguard ? I was definately thinking at least a 51 so 3rd gear has more pull out of the corners.

No problems with the chainguard.

We run a 47 on our '06 in most places. I find that the gear spacing is as close with the stock gearing as it would ever need to be, and it's at the point where I have to shift more often that I'd like. Lowering the gearing would only make that worse. Running higher gearing has the effect of widening the ratio spacing, and the bike can run fewer gears around more of the track. Works for me.

Same here;running a 47 on rear and works great. Will probably go to a 14-50 when I change out chain and sprockets next time which will gear it up just a tad more.







I just got an '06 450 and was thinking of maybe going up a rear sprocket size or two in the rear. The SX track I ride is really tight so I find myself clutching a lot in tight turns in second. Is that what most do in tight turns (keep the RPMs up and work the clutch) or am I on the right track or considering upping the rear sprocket a bit?

49 (Stock) for MX...

50 for SX...

If you would simply go faster in the turns, the RPM would be higher, and it would pull better. (I have the same problem).

This situation is one of the valid reasons to alter the gearing; you're in "between gears" at some point. You can either lower the overall so that 2nd will work better in the tighter corners, or raise it and use 1st in those turns. The decision should be based on how either change will affect the rest of the track. Lowering the gear will mean you'll need 3rd earlier. Will that be a problem somewhere else on the course? That kind of thing.

Man, ya got a 49....buy a 50 & a 51 try them, and see which one YOU like! :lol:


The best thing to do is experiment with different gearing for the track and style you use. I have rear sprockets from 47-53 and front from 13-15. I ride alot of different places and conditions and for desert I prefer 13/47 which will give me a top speed of about 90mph. Down at baja I ran 15/47 and that worked well. For Moto-x I prefer to gear for the start and that is where I came up with 53 on the rear. I have pulled alot of holeshots with that gearing.

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