Winter Riding


Anyone have any tips for dressing for winter riding?

How about changes to the bike, riding Style or other considerations?

Its in the 30's here in IL and I am sick of reading magazines. I was thinking of putting a GSX full fairing on my dirt bike for wind protection. Yeah right, I'm not that board...

:) Thin layers NOT thick ones.....gentle throttle hand LOL :D

I've done a bit of it last year, 700 miles, and blocking the wind on every part of your body is very important. Tape over the nose of you helmet, cover your adams apple and nose. Double lense goggles to help prevent fpgging. It may be 20 deg out, but exposed skin at riding speeds will result in frost bite. Ride groomed and frozen snowmobile trails. Riding at night is usually the best. I only rode 80 miles during the day last year, the rest is at night. I rode from midnight to 5 am one friday evening and before windchill it was -7. I wore a pair of longjohns oner my riding pants, thermal under shirt, chest protector, heavy polarfleece from Malden Mills (there is no equal) and a decent ski jacket with a high zip up collar. Wool socks on the feet, light gloves plus one extra pair to switch back and forth when the fingers get cold and a nice Bavaklava (a thin head and neck thing) for under the helmet. I also carry foot and hand warmers just in case. Also bring a means for fore just in case. Hope this helps. I don't type well, so if you want to discuss over the phone, let me know and I'll send you the #


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