rear spring: how many turns out for 160lb rider?

Unfortunately i dont have someone to help me do the whole "sag" measurements but im 160 lbs without gear on and i think i need to soften my rear spring a little. Subframe and everthing is off. I was just wondering if someone could give me an idea of how many turns out i should do based on my weight. I currently have the stock setting and ride MX. Im just looking for a general idea IE: two turns, six turns, etc. THanks guys.

160lbs I haven't been 160 since I was 12. I can tell you it's several turns if you 200lbs.

That's simply just not the proper way to set the Sag. There are too many variables to simply "wing it" by looking. Especially on a Yamaha, even as little as 3 mm or so, can greatly affect the handling.

I know you don't want to hear it, but you gotta either get someone to help, or spend the money and get a "sagsetter tool". I bought one a while ago, and now I don't have to use the Wife to help me. They are expensive, but they can also double for setting the proper rear wheel placement.

Another company has a similar tool for about $ 22, but I can't remember who.

I'd just order the tool from Thumpertalk Store, and you won't need anyone to help. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but that's a half azzed way to set the sag using how many turns?

yeah you have to have a friend or 2 that comes around sometime right? Make sure its set correct:ride:

ok, i guess ill get teh tool. But how many turns do you think i should go out just as a first attempt?

Nobody knows this because it is not the proper way of setting the sag. You had just as well leave it alone if you are not going to do it right. Kinda like asking what size shims you need to put in your valves when you haven't checked the clearances.

thank you grayracer, as always, your posts are most helpful. THanks to everyone else too. That valve shim analogy really put things into perspective for me.

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