04 or 05?

Hey guys

I posted a couple of weeks ago about buying a 03 YZF 450.

I got great feedback,but when I got back to the guy,it was sold

Well,I found a 04 with not much time on it for $2800

It has a Tag triple clamp and bars

And I found a 05 that has been raced alot by a +45A rider but has been taken care of really good for $3000

It has a rg3 clamp,Dubach pipe,Quick shot,oversize front rotor and all the stock parts

I know the 05 is worth more ,but would this bike be as reliable as the 04 with less time on it?

The guy with the 05 says he changed oil after every race

Anything I should look for on these bikes?

Both sound really good with no odd sounds


For $200 more I'd buy the 05.

I have the 04'

The 05' does have better forks than the 04', but the 05' has also been labeled as "too calmed down" when compared to the "hit" that the 03' and 04' models have. (I think the ignition mapping was changed). That can be a subjective thing though, because a number of people considered the 03' as "Uncontrollable" and the 04' just slightly milder. I've ridden the 03' and own the 04', but I haven't personally rode the 05', so I can't comment. I would probably lean toward the 05' because of the better forks, but either bike would be a very dependable winner, as long as they were maintained. I would think that an older A rider would probably be pretty meticulous with the upkeep, compared to a 17 year old.

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