best rear sprocket for 97 xr600r

well it seems the alot of companys making sprockets don't like the 90's xr600r anymore :lol: lol because they aren't make sprockets for them or not anymore:excuseme: . so what sprockets do you like that will last a long time the one i have now didn't last long at all meaning like 4 desert trips and is showing good wear also i would like to hear what chain everyone likes also

thank you


I have a RockyMountain Primary Drive house brand chain and sprocket kit on my 93 XR600 right now. It's a year old and going strong. I'd guess that I have about 45 rides on them. The whole thing ran about $70. It's the best deal going as far as I'm concerned.

One thing. I got the O-ring chain. Get the X-ring style instead. It's a much better chain and is only another $10 or $15.

If you want a rear sprocket to last get a steel one. If you must save the weight, get an Ironman style that has the steel teeth and aluminum body. The down side is those cost a lot more. I don't think that it's worth it.

ironman no longer makes one for the 90's xr600 i have no i dea why

Interesting, I have never had a hard time finding sprockets for my NX, let alone my XR. IIRC, the only difference in XR rear sprockets through the years is if the bike had a disc or drum rear brake.

I have a Sprocket Specialists rear sprocket that is aluminum with their hard anodizing on it. It seems to be holding up really well, though I do very little off-road riding. It might be something to check out though. Another sprocket company that I have used and been really happy with is AFAM. They did not have an online store up on their site last time I checked, but they made it very easy to order over the phone.

I am using a DID ERV520 chain with is probably overkill, but I should not be needing another chain for a long time :lol:

Good point cleonard about the steel rear sprocket, they last far longer than anything else and have the added benefit of extending the life of the chain and front sprocket. An aluminum rear will wear out pretty quickly, the teeth become hooked and the distance between the teeth becomes greater. The chain then slops around on the rear sprocket and wears prematurely and the front sprocket is affected also. Weight difference between steel and aluminum is not worth the consideration, you could easily make up the difference by putting smaller tools in your toolpack or taking a laxative.

OEM Honda sprockets last for a long time!

You can use CR style sprocket bolts and that will enable you to run CR sprockets and there is countless brands made for them. I found this out when I called renthal trying to find a Renthal 48T for my 98 XR600. Worked perfectly

thank you redlines thats a great peace of info

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