Can The Wr450 Cut It?????

Iam doing a trip to Inuvik-(say E-NEW-VIC) in the spring , June.

I narrowed my choice of machine down to the XR650L and the WR450.

Because of my location I want a dirt bike that can be used on the road , not the other way round.

I have followed the Dakar for a number of years and saw Freteniie ride one in 04.

It was impressive to say the least.

I also know that the WR can be made street legal with out the usual addition of after market gear.

What I would like to know.

Do those of you who ride WR's think it can handle a trip such as this???

Inuvik is as far north as one can ride in North America and the Dempster is a dirty and if wet slimmey strip of road. No gas for 250 miles.

I know of all the add-ons I will need etc.

To be sure the Dakar machines are hauling a lot of weight and gear plus they make it to the finish.

So can any of you tell stories of the day to day nuts and bolts of the bike.

The main reason I want this type of machine is the thousand or so miles of trails that start and end at my back door and when I finish the trip I plan a lot of off road D/S fun.


I often dream of doing long trips on my Wr. My concern would be my but in the stock seat on a long haul.

For the monster long trip up north, the 650 may be the better choice.

BUT, and this is a big one, for a bike you are going to keep and use to ride trails and such later on, then the WR is the only choice. It'll do the trip to Inuvik just fine, you'll be standing more than sitting though.

I have many Baja trips under my belt and I would not ride either. Look at a 950. :lol:

One more reason why we need that XT660 here.

You really need to get a hold of TT member "Frostbite".

He has a lot of experience with the WR's in the fozen north and lots of miles.

Search for his posts on the track & ski kit he has for winter riding!:lol:

Take the WR.. Just take a extra front sproket with you. or maybe up it to 15t. for that trip. so it doesn't wear so quik. I have lots of miles dual sporting a wr in bc. and no problems. I would run the big 6.6 gal. tank.

How about an XR650R?

Check out this guy in Anchorage. He rents bikes, and puts together tours. He scouted the route to Inuvik last year with a group, and has tours scheduled to there this year.

He has some great pics of the trip on the website, you'll want to see them.

You could email or call (ask for Phil) and pick his brain.

A couple of my friends did the trip 3 years ago. They used klr 650's due to the fact that the klr had the highest fuel capacity. The distance between gas stations was a major concern for them.

Thanks for the information.

It will all come in handy soon.

Honestly I lovvvvvve My WR and I even have the 6.6 acerbis tank on so I have huge rang. Lets face it though these bikes are kinda highmaintance, and I think it would be a shame to rack up that many KM on a bike ding a stright line. You would be better of getting a DR650 or even better a KLR 650 that's wha these beats are made for. With all the money in mods to a WR you could buy a used KLR and a very well kept used WR. Just my 2 cents!

Just recently switching from an XR to the WR, I can tell you that for day trips and most types of riding the WR is much more fun. The main things the XRs have over the WRs is maintenance and the seat. Nothing beats an XR seat for the long haul. My last XR I had for 4 years, changed the oil twice and put gas in it, rode the piss out of it in the desert, Baja and single track. Oh yea, I replaced the front rim when I cracked it in Baja. I bought the '96 for 2k and sold it 4 years later for 2k, not bad.

As far as the XR/L goes, don't bother with the L version. Take the XR and make it street legal if you go XR. Remember that bike was designed for Baja, all kinds of terrain, but mostly the long rides, down to Cabo and back 2,000 miles with just adding gas. It is very well balanced and can absorb more fatigue causing small bumbs with its frame design and weight than the WR. If you are going over gnarly whoops the lighter bike would cause less fatigue. I don't know but I don't think there are hundreds of miles of whoops up there.

I've never owned a XR 650 but have ridden them. More power and better balanced than the 600, still not as fun as a WR on anything other than hundreds of miles of riding.

Buy or rent a used XR 650 for your trip then sell it and get a WR. You can transfer some of the good stuff like steering stabilizer, hand gaurds, and street legal components.

Just remember you asked this question on the WR forum. What ever you go with, you'll still have fun as long as you are prepared.

If the WR can run in the top 10 overall placement in the Dakar and dominate the 450 class, I think it can handle what ever you can throw at it. Be happy you dont have the KTM gearbox curse to worry about. Set the bike up for it properly and it will handle it.

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