Aftermarket bars?

What replacement bars use the existing triple clamps on a 2000 WR400? Any good sources? Which model for someone vertically challenged at 5"6".

Doesn't seem worthwhile to pay for new lightweight triples as the incident that compels this purchase hopefully will slow me way down next time out. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Hhmmmmmm, I am not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you asking if you need a special bar to fit your existing tripple clamp? Most people change their bars and most don't change the tripple clamps. I am kind of confused. Anyways, I am 5'-7", SO I am not a short guy like yourself :) . The Jimmy Button Highs by Renthalare used by alot of guy that are taller than us and if you took a poll, they may even be the bar of choice. I like the becuase they allow me to stand all the time I want and do so comfortably.

Lust red this and reelized that my lak of typing skilz make me look numb.....I'll work on it.

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Any 7/8" aftermarket aluminum bar will be better than stock steel bars and will fit your stock triple clamps. Oneal prolock, renthal 7/8", answer alumilite are some examples.

They all come in the stock yz bend which is what I use (at 5'10") but bars are a personal thing.

For online shopping try bob's cycle supply (, rocky mountain (,,

BTW - many of the aftermarket triple clamps are the same or heavier then stock, not lighter.


steve t

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My mistake, two of my friends got new bars and both had new top triple clamps so I assumed most aftermarket bar were thicker and needed new triples.

thanks for the help.


p.s. Mike, height is only important to tall guys like yourself! The rest of us are proud of our intelecktuall prowess.

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well the only reason you would want to replace your tripple clamp is if you get oversized bars like pro taper's. and if you want to know the truth i think that renthals Carmichael bend is the best. You want to hear a little secret. im sponsord by 909 and im suposed to run there bars, but i hate them. i run the renthals and just run the 909 bar pads!!! shhhhh dont tell anyone.... good luck with your bars and keep it upright!!!

i have a pair of renthal mcgrath bend.there like new i only rode with them on bike once.ill sell them $40+shipping

Thats a good deal!

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