need help to purchase wr450 in japan/usa

i need help to contact a yamaha dealer in japan to purchase 2 new wr450 2007,

the bikes would be airfreighted to thailand asap to race in start of febuary.

im not even sure if this model is realeased in japan

i have tried dealing with a company in usa but have had no reply, if anybody can put me in contact with a dealer in usa who is willing to do export that would be appreciated to, i can handle the freight side, i need to buy the motorcycles in boxes.(thailand has no dealer for large motorcycles so you would not be infringing on somebodies territory)


buy from singapore la,

we have an agent here,

i have been talking with hoeng leong in singapore, they have been great but there shipment was delayed from japan and willcome late febuary i need the bikes early feb at latest for maxxis asia open 4 day race for international riders.

if you know of any in singapore please let me know

thanks for reply, i sent them email yesterday after your reply.

Riva Yamaha used to ship anything.

i spoke with rivayamaha today do not have any wr's or yzf at this moment.

does anybody have any other leads?

mus they be blue,

how abt green OR orange,

sorie my bad,

2007 WR450F is not selled in Japan. I recommend to but it near your country. And buy GYTR kit from USA.

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