air filter ?

any body try running an open filter, im thinking of trying to lose the airbox and get crf450 side panels, just wondering if any1 has had any issues with a filter straight off the carb?????

I've never thought of that, so I'm just thinking here. It might be hard to get it to fit in the frame. You'll also have to figure out how to support the carb, since it just hangs between the engine & airbox. I filter will get dirty & clogged very quickly, even while trailering it down a dirt road. And lastly, if a backfire happened, there would be nothing to contain the explosion.

Massive power gain though. I'd get a twin air powerflow kit or a Uni filter if you can. If not, try to cut out the backfire screen out of the filter cage. Be carefull not to leave and metal that could come loose. See if you can cut/drill some holes in the sides of the airbox, for better flow. Every bike I've ever done this too experienced a very noticale power gain, provided the jetting is correct.

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