Got & installled Givi E350 luggage

I have been looking for hard luggage that would fit my helmet, pants, or stuff if I got to the store, laptop, etc... you get the idea. 35 liter capacity.

I got one and installed it today thanks to crappy riding weather, messing with my bike in the garage is the closest I got to it. :confused:

I was originally looking for JCWhitney case, but did not read too hot reviewes... so then after looking around, I got Givi for $119 shipped off so I said what the heck, that's not too bad I'll rather get something that will last me longer, eh.

Anyway, here is the bike with the base only; this is how I'll ride most of the time, as I don't plan to carry the luggage unless I need it:


Few more shots around the bike with it on:




With it open:


I am happy with the size and I actually like the look of it too. :lol: You won't catch me with this off road though but it should do great for what I got it! :crazy:

looks great, i want to get one for my 91 650.. i hope it will mount up without any trouble.

looks great, i want to get one for my 91 650.. i hope it will mount up without any trouble.

Installation is not hard but is a bit toucky, as the bolts and washers are from the bottom. Bolts are the kind that has plastic ring in them (so they do not unscrew) so you have to hold the bolt with a small wrench as you are tightening it all...

All in all, not hard but takes a little bit of messing around to tighen it straight, but once you get it, then finishing is easy. Mounts on top of OEM rack.

Nice. I'm not wild about the looks of big trunks on any bike, but they server a purpose that far outweighs the looks. I've got a trunk about that size for my Triumph Sprint and I hate the way it looks on the bike, but man does it hold ALOT of stuff. Never thought about putting a hard trunk on the DR. I've got a Nelson-Riggs expandable sports pack on a ProBillet rack on mine, and I have alot more $$ in it that you have in the hard trunk.

Good job!! :lol::confused::crazy:

i have a small bag on the back of mine, it is actually a tank bag but it looks ok on there. it has a pocket on each side with zippers and i have a few plugs, a plug socket and ratchet in one side and a few screw drivers in the other side but the only thing that will fit in the middle of it is a ball cap and a 20oz bottle of water. so it is a little to small.

i would like to get the hard trunk so i could drive my bike to work without having to wear a backpack with my laptop and stuff in it, i have done it once and it is 62 miles one way to work so by the time i got to work my back was killing me. plus i was scared to death that it iwas going to start raining and get my comp wet..

Looks good..good price too. Can you grill me a couple steaks while your in there? Medium rare please.. :lol:


That is definitely a strong option that I too considered... but was not too crazy about feedback on JCWhitney cases both out there and on this site. SO I decided $40 or so more was worth it.

Note that you can get a Givi E33 for $95 off that site where I bought mine... I guess it all depends how big you want it :lol:

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