santa rosa ca...606?

i still am looking for riders nearby to hit the hills with..anybody near here? and i am thinking of running a mt 21 front and i 606 rear..i need more grip on the front and i eat rear tires pretty quick in the dirt(rocky,loose).anybody running this combo?:lol:


I'm in your area (Crockett) and ride a 650L.

I've tried both the 606's & 21's front & rear. Found that both rears have about the same traction characteristics in the dirt, but the 21 is way less squirmy on the road. As for the fronts, 21 is worlds better. I was following a guy on the trail yesterday that was running a 606 front, he face-planted his DRZ twice due to that 606. And he is a very experienced rider.

During the wet months I run an IRC M5b in the rear, Pirelli MT18hd front. Pure dirt tires- great combo for the dirt, terrible on the street. In the summer I slap the MT21's on and call it done.

The trick to getting the 21's to hook up is air pressure- 12~14 psi for the dirt, 18~22 on the street. Tire gauge & small bicycle pump & yer all set. :lol:

Here's a Northbay website with a growing group of dirt riders.

Lots of N.Cal rides organized on this site..

Hope to see ya on the trail sometime,



thanks Dan,i usually run 10-12 in the dirt i have a new 606 i want to put on for the rear...everybody in the shops here say the mt 21 is not very good in the dirt..they keep saying run the i am not surprised as to the 606 being more squirmy and the street with the smaller knobs..just seems it would do better in the dirt. thanks for the input i will check out the irc m5b. used to be michelin was the bomb..nobody says anything about them anymore.. by the way,i love to ride a nice any suggestions nearby?

I like the Michelin s12's on my KTM 250, but found that the heavier, higher powered bikes eat it alive.

Here's the M5B, beefy sucker..:lol:

I'm currently running the 130 width on the L, but ran the 140 on my 650R..Doubt if the 140 would fit the L without cutting some plastic out of the way here & there..


I'm just south of you in Rohnert Park. I'd love to go ride sometime, send me a pm or email: shawn at poolrider dot com. In fact I may be going to Upper Lake/CC camp this weekend.



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