rear master cylinder for YZ426 2002

Hi there

does anybody know if other model bikes eg XR400/250 (around the same as mine) would there rear master cylinder be exactly the same as my bike?

My master cylinder had dropped it guts today just as we were going to prepare for a ride.....

i am after a new master cylinder and there are some on Ebay that l am curious about...

Any help to this would be great



The rear M/C from a later YZF with the built in reservoir will fit, and makes things neater in the process. Some bikes may require the removal of the mounting tab for the plastic remote reservoir from the frame, but not all, and you won't need it anymore anyway.

I believe I priced those from yamaha once...17.00..??? I just zip tied mine to the guard..Standard operating Procedure.

When my son broke the reservoir on our '01 250F, I found an '04 450 M/C on eBay for $40.

thanks everybody who replied,l will check it out

some people dont send goods to Australia, but l will ask.


I have a complete rear brake from an 2001 YZ426 if you are interested. Send me a PM

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