YFZ 450 Engine swap? Help?

:confused: Hey whats up yall? I have a problem and was wonderin if anyone here could help me out... OK, I have a 2004 YFZ450, I was told that i could take the head and cams out of a YZ450 and put them on the quad... Or would it be easier just to swap engines, if that can be done. I just would like to know before i perform the surgery on my quad. Hope someone gets bak to me soon!




The cams will fit your head. The head might fit your engine. The engine won't fit a quad (all the hard points are wrong)

The people who will know will be found on the Yamaha ATV forum.

I am guesing you are wanting it to rev faster?

Wouldn't it be easier to put in a set of hot cams and a lighter flywheel in your quad?

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