engine rattle { severe }

hi everyone ive got a wr450f 2005 its only done 900 miles approx, its got a bad rattle from gear lever side of engine on light throttle when travelling , under hard throttle its not there, when stood still its not there, its sounds like t/chain,, bad pre ignition,,, has anyone got any idears before i start stripping , please , regards paul

It sounds like the normal chain slap at steady light throttle.:lol:

look to see if the chain is slapping on something.put it up on something and run it and see if you can find out where its coming from.if thats not it then pull your cam chain adjuster out and see if it works properly.

thanks for the quick replies, ive driven the bike with my foot on the drive chain so its not that , i shall have a look at the cam chain adjuster tommorrow, thanks, just one more thing , ive put a white bros exhaust on it and a perfomance air filter , is it poss it could need a mixture adjustment, sorry for the questions but im quite new to this and i dont want to knacker my bike/ regards paul

if the carb is all stock then i would say you deffinently need a jet kit or go on there web site and find out what they reccomend for jets with their pipe.they should be able to tell you exactly what you need.

Timing chain loose?

I know this will be hard to do (I'm the same way) but don't over analyze every noise you hear. You've only got 900 miles on it.

By nature these engines always sound like there ready to explode.

Any time you change your pipe and air filter you will no doubt need to compensate the higher volume of air passing through you carb.

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