WR400 Cam Sprockets

Hi Guys,

Following from my queries regarding cam timing I have checked the tensioner and seems to be okay. It's not overly strong, but returns quickly and smoothly.

The chain wasn't sitting neatly on the sprockets, so I figured to replace it anyway and inspect the crank sprocket and cam sprockets. Not go to the crank sprocket yet as need to make a tool to hold the flywheel, but take a look at the wear on the teeth:cry: :lol:

I take it that this is heavy wear and not normal.


So what are my options. If I want minimum downtime, do I reassemble with new chain, adjusting the valve clearances whilst I am in there and order some new cams?

Assuming the cams need replacing, what are the best?

Are the hotcams good alternative to OEM?



What year WR?

Are the teeth pitted and uneven?

Whatever route you go I would be sure to get the automatic decompression cam.

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