Xr650r and xr400r stator

Are the stators for the xr400 and xr650r the same? I have seen some advertised same part for xr400 and 650r but does anyone know for sure?

I talked to ricky-stator about this exact thing.. With the idea was I would buy a stator to put in my 400R, and then later put it in a 650R when I upgraded.

They told me the stators they wind for 400/650R US bikes are identical.

By default the stator in the 650R generates more power, especially in the AU and EU bikes. I believe that is about the only difference.


anyone else have experience with these two stators being interchangeable?



You might want to try emailing Ricky Stator directly if you need reassurance.. They are usually only too happy to answer these kinds of questions, and it shouldnt take them long to answer..

Trail Tech and Baja Designs also rewind stators, but dont really specialise in it, so anyhow they should know aswell.

Hey thanks Destroyer,

I trust ya, I just thought there might be someone else to add. Thanks.:lol:

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