I want to ride this weekend!!

Any Takers?

I hardly ever have weekends off, so I want to make the most of it. most of my ride time is during the week. Where do ya wanna go?


where is fillmore? where do you ride?


Hey Kev,

Fillmore is between Ventura and Valencia, off Hwy-126. lately I've just been to Ballinger and Gorman. Open for sugestions though, Gorman is a little too croweded on weekends, I hate head-on's at speed :) I'd like to get a bunch of TT'ers if we could swing it. Let me know if you or anybody else wants to get together. The more the merrier.


i dont think i would make it there in time so maybee next time ha ha :)

I'm riding an enduro (my first) this weekend, but I doubt you could make it to Charleston, SC in time to go with me... oh, well.

Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

Any Takers?

I hardly ever have weekends off, so I want to make the most of it. most of my ride time is during the week. Where do ya wanna go?



Jawbone. Maybe I can talk buddy Ed into going also even if he doesn't ride a WR. Same distance as Ballinger. We had big fun the when we rode with Socalwr426 last time.

Im going with some buds to cal city fri-sun.Perfect weather for riding.We always ride into Ransburg for a couple pitchers on saturday.The riding is kinda flat but has 5th gear trails. :)

Yaa Dude,

Jawbone it is :D:D:) Anybody else want to Go?

Bman glad you had a good time at Ballinger, your right the little bit-o-mud we went through was a bitch to get off. We also obtained from Mr. Ranger, an updated trail map that shows open/closed trails.

Now it's your turn to give directions or where to meet. Maybe big Ed will go Pumkin before this weekend?

C-Ya :D


Crapola!! :) My Parade just got rained on.

Up-date..it appears Saturday is the the only day I can make it. My son is suposed to make me a Grandad at the ripe ole age of 43 this weekend! she promised not to poop it out untill Sunday so that I can go for a ride.

Bruce, let me know if this will still work for you...Hmmmm Maybe I can talk her into an early delivery.


SoCal, another excuse from me on why I can't ride this weekend. I'm headed to San Diego for Supercross. You did mention that you don't get weekends off much, I haven't been working much at all lately so I would be game for a weekday ride sometime soon. I can stay up in Northridge to shorten the drive from Orange County. Keep me posted. Eric

Mike, A friend of mine called and said he is going out to California city this weekend with about 30 or 40 people from atascadero area. He wants me to go friday night and stay in the camper, Should I trust him?? :) Seriously, not sure if I can make it I might have to sweet talk the wife. She is usually pretty cool but might not go for the overnight thing.


As it turns out I can only go for saturday. We can caravan there if you like.


Mike, if you get old early (baby!) I'll be at ballinger on sunday with two guys from town. Remember when I said my wife was cool about me riding? Well how things change, staying overnight in the desert with a bunch of young party animals did'nt sound to cool to her!! so ballinger it is. B-Man you out there? I'll let you know what were driving as soon as I can.. Take care.


Ballinger sounds fun but I have a house full of 14 year old girls that I have take to softball games sunday am. I would like to set up ride for Jawbone next weekend. Everyone invited.


:):D jawbone sounds great. what part? near jawbone/butterbread?


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Crapola Again! :):D

I have thurs and fri off.



Check you PM, We are going riding!

Anybody else wanna go friday?

Bman, Whoyachris,YZErnie, Dan L. Flame, CRS??? Anybody?

p.s We might want to kill this thread as it's title is getting somewhat dated..


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