Metal in the engine casing.

I was tapping out a bolt hole in my brothers YZ 450 to helicoil it and while treading the hole, the bottom broke through. THere were two pieces of metal from the crankcase cover that fell right on the lip of some gears. I was able to get the bigger of the two pieces, but a small piece about the size of an "a" maby a little smaller fell down into the cases.

What should I do? Could I use a small vacum with a hose on it to try and find the piece?

Anything besides splitting the cases.


You were repairing the threads in the right side case cover for the oil line, right? Just pull it off.

Well, I actually watched the piece fall into the center cases. But I fixed it. I got a small LED light and a long twig. I wrapped some duct tape around the end of the twig, located the piece of metal with the LED light and stuck the stick in the center cases, grabbing the metal and retracting it with the stick.

Whew!!! That was almost a mess.

Now the last problem. Some coolant got into the cases. What is the best way to deal with that? I was thinking about getting some regular 10w-40 oil and flushing about 3 or 4 quarts through the cases. Right idea?

Heat a pint of oil on an outdoor grill CAREFULLY (use a thermometer and don't exceed 150 degrees oil is dangerous to handle) and pour it into the crankcases through the filler cap. Just let it sit there about 20 minutes and then drain the cases. If this is a pre-'06 model, also drain from the small drain on the left side, behind the shifter.

That should take care of the problem, but if you aren't sure, or your new oil shows signs of coolant contamination in the first 30 minutes, do a follow up oil change.

For picking up chips, you'd be surprised how well cotton swabs work.

Good info, thanks.

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