Rear wheel swap WR to YZ

Anyone ever put a 18" rear wheel from a 01 WR 426 on to a 02 YZ 250?

If so how did it fit any mods needed?

No sweat. Drop that biatch right on.

Along the same lines, does anyone know if the earlier (pre 07) model wheels will fit an 07? Thanks.

Most of the new Yamaha's have excel rims and hubs. You will find that even a YZ125 rear rim and hub will fit a WR. The brakes are all the same on 125,250,250f and 450f so there should be no problem fitting the brake calipers as well. Better to fit an 18" rim rather than a 19" rim for offroad riding as it gives you more tyre to work with when slamming into rocks etc. (less chance of getting a puncture)

Good luck




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