Bad Crash Yesterday - Pics of Helmet

This is my post, that is also in the General forum, but just in case some of my YZ friends don't venture that it is:

Hello, I had a nasty crash yesterday at Lake Elsinore Motocross Park in Southern California.

Im still a little concussed as I type this so bare with me...

To setup the scene for you high detail readers I was trying to square up a right hand sweeper and take a real tight inside line then seat hop a small table (15-20 feet.) Because I was hitting the table on an angle I was floating across the table from right to left. So I would hit the far right corner of the take off and land in the far left corner of the table. The tighter or more I squared off the less run I had at the table and the more of a seat hop I had to do.

All was going well until I started cutting off more and more of the turn and seat hopping further. It got to the point that I was really clutching the YZ450 and dumping it out while I seat hopped. For my level (Vet Intermediate) it was pushing my envelope ya know?

The Crash:

I was chasing a friend of mine around the track and I guess in an effort to gain a bike length I cut off a little too much and really hammered the clutch/throttle and drifted across the table and off the table on to the built up dirt that makes the side of the jump. My front tire "lawn darted" into the dirt just off of the side of the table and my bike tire came over the top and the 450 and I went for a little circus ride. Apparently I landed like a pogo-stick right on the top of my head with the bike on top of me...then the bike and I went separate ways and I was uhh....OUT COLD. Now I don't claim to be the toughest guy out their but after 5 years of competitive kickboxing matches I have never been knocked 32 years old....this was not FUN. :lol:

When I woke up I was sitting on my bike and two strangers were talking to me. I had not a clue what had happened. They said I was out cold for at least 30 seconds. Then my memory shuts off for about 5 minutes and resumes with me standing at my truck asking how the hell I got back to the truck from the crash site?? Apparently I rode my bike! :confused:

Anyway, I feel better today. My neck and shoulders feel like I got hit by a train and my helmet is officially a mantle/conversation piece. I got a good year and half of heavy racing out of her!

Thank God for the quality of a papa always said: "Cut corners on the track son, not with helmets."

Equipment damage:

Shoei VXF-R Air Helmet is cracked inside liner!

Broke the vent off the top of the helmet.

Bent the Pro-Taper "Contours"

Tore the rear disc guard off

Bent the Dr.D pipe mount

Sub-Frame is little off

Time for some more Icy Hot and Advil.


PS: The Newcastle Brown Ale bottle cap is for size reference...:lol:





damn dude, glad you hear your ok. it takes alot to crack a helmet.

Holy crap, that is quite a digger! Good luck on healing up, have fun at work tomorrow :lol:

buy a new helmet, that one is done!

Dude id check to see if there a warrenty on that helmet..............They might like to keep that as a befor and after........

I wouldn't mind but...I don't want to lose it because of the custom paint has some "personal" value too.

that helmet might have saved your life dude!

When I woke up I was sitting on my bike and two strangers were talking to me. I had not a clue what had happened. They said I was out cold for at least 30 seconds. Then my memory shuts off for about 5 minutes and resumes with me standing at my truck asking how the hell I got back to the truck from the crash site?? Apparently I rode my bike! :lol:


That is so weird man! Glad your doing alright.... thats wicked strange.

Wow, bad crash. Good quality helmet, did exactly what it is designed to do. That EPS shell absorbed the impact of the hit, and deferred it from your head. Glad to hear that you are alright.

Man, my buddy took a digger on his head yesterday but nothing like that! Glad you walked away ok.

Man, glad you're ok. Sounds like you got your money's worth out of that helmet.

Probably should take it easy for a while. Cuncussions are more serious than most people think. I'd take a break for at least a couple weeks. You don't want to risk getting your bell rung again anytime soon. [/preach] lol

Thanks for all the support guys. :lol:

I did that once too. I woke up in the ambulance and interupted their call to Life Flight.

I can remember coming out of the turn one long straight before my crash site but nothing after that. All I know is that it wasn't a jump for a change. The bad part was that no one saw me crash so I have no idea what happened. The good part is that I didn't have to replay any scary moments because I don't remember any. :confused:

Nothing to think about so it didn't slow me down when I was recovered. :lol:


MXKyle, smacked the back of your head...that's pretty bad. I think memory loss is usually associated with rear head injuries but I can't remember. :lol:

Wow..glad your OK. That "Being out of your feet" like you were when on your bike riding back....thats almost worse than the pain and soreness from the crash. Got sucker punched as a bouncer, evne hit the guy back and knocked him out cold..but me..out on my feet and didnt realize what was going on till I was on my way to the hospital for stitches in my lip. That lapse of time and memory is a very vulnerable feeling.

Yor lucky you dont have a neck injury. To each his own, but if it was me, Id go to a that does hands on full spine adjustments. Good luck with getting well soon.

That had to hurt dude

Sorry to hear about your crash, but the old saying of "you get, what you pay for" applies here, I bet you're glad that you were wearing a top-of-the line helmet. Your Shoei did what it was designed to do, absorb the impact instead of your head and now you're still able to write and talk about a bad crash.

That's the foam that has cracked when it compressed, not the shell, but it's still a hard hit.

The damage to the foam is terminal, as far as the helmet is concerned. The liners of helmets are a non-resilient foam, similar to common Styrofoam, which crushes under pressure and does not return to its original shape once the pressure is removed. That's why it absorbs the shock of the impact. If it were to rebound, the rebound would return part of the absorbed energy back to your head, and that would be bad.

Furthermore, the shell itself absorbs some energy by radiating it outward from the point of impact, and in doing this, is often "spiderweb" cracked invisibly, under the surface coat, weakening it considerably

Any helmet that is subjected to any such hard impact should be replaced, even if it doesn't appear too badly damaged.

All that beer you drink will prevent you from keeping upright. You even left a beer cap in the helmet man. :thumbsup:

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