Bad Crash Yesterday - Pics of Helmet

All that beer you drink will prevent you from keeping upright. You even left a beer cap in the helmet man. :thumbsup:

I'd think that at least one beer would be warranted after a crash like that. :thumbsup:

Was that helmet DOT and Snell approved? I think i saw a Snell sticker in there? I wonder about the "extra" testing that goes into it? Interesting that you helmet is scratched on the back portion of the helmet but the foam is dimpled on the front? Glad your ok!

The Snell Foundation:

Snell vs. DOT:

(the site above is run by the Helmet Law Defense League, which thinks that helmets are bad. that will explain the commentary in white text. Nevertheless, the piece itself was actually written by Snell, and is accurate to the best of my knowledge)

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