Any ideas ?

anybody got a simple way to compress the cam chain tensioner spring kinda had a problem with mine

If the 500 are the same as the 600 I just inserted a punch in the hole on top and used as a lever to hold it out of the way. Make sure you remove the pin or bolt that holds the tensioner in.

I used the punch in the hole method and all that happened was the tip of the punch broke off in the tensioner. I'm sure that it can work, but be careful. The Honda special tool sort of looks like an mini oil filter wrench that has a little pin for the hole.

What I do now is just take off the side cover. No you can get at the lower part of the guide that the tensioner pushes against. It's easy to push the guide back. It can even be done with your fingers, but I sometimes use a screwdriver. I have always had trouble with the cam chain falling off the bottom sprocket. It's real easy to get it back on with the cover off. Taking the cover off makes it an easy job.

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