WR Top Speed

Does anyone know what it is?

On a drylake bed with a 15 counter sprocket my WR426 will go 89mph. That was with WR timing and stock jetting with a PC T-4.

i have 98wr420[it has yz timing,and big bore kit]topspeeds are 82mph[14/50],86mph[15\50],84mph[15\51],90mph[15\49]

Mine will haul my 250lb. fat a** at 83 mph

well over 100. 15/46 p-c t4, yz timing, free mods, 150lb. rider, downhill, pungo ferry bridge, racing a yammy road/royal star 1600, passed him at what he said was 110. how accurate it is i don't know but it seemed a few miles over the speed limit :):D

Fast enough to really screw yourself up if you are not careful! :) Ride safe. P

I've never been brave enough to take mine outta first gear

pmaust is right.after 80mph bike is very unstable,especially with michelin S12's.2 years ago i was racing a harescramble on my kx when i had high speed get off.i was going down the homestretch 5thgear pinned when i hit kicker,that was all it took.i won helicopter ride and 3 week vacation at kaiser hospital.

Stock w/ 15 tooth counter sprocket @ 87MPH...14 Tooth sprocket @ 80MPH..YZ Timing/All Mods. White Bro. E seies Pipe..

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