2007 wr450 AIS removal

If I remove the AIS from my bike will I need to rejet? I just cut the throttle stop and I am going to unplug the gray wire. Since I had it stripped this far and the AIS is exposed, if I remove it will I need to rejet? I am going to leave the exhaust and airbox untouched. I like it quiet (makes it easier for me to ride in my backyard without upsetting the neighbors) and with the airbox untouched it remains a little more water tight.

I also plugged the hole in my airfilter. I used a standard bolt, threaded it into the hole, removed it, cut the head off and then cut a slot on top of it so I could screw it in with a screwdriver (all done with a common hacksaw). I used some locktite and screwed it back in. Free Fix. I have read that some people are worried about sucking up a light plug into the carb, no worries with this fix.

Thanks for anyones help.

You will have to re-jet the carb as the carb has been restricted. The pilot jet is smaller and the stock jet needle can not be adjusted. By taking the stock throttle stop and cutting it shorter to resemble the YZ450 you are now allowing more fuel into the engine. The stock jets can not handle the extra fuel. BY cutting the grey wire you are allowing the CDI unit to rev higher again allowing the bike to come alive and scream for more fuel. Rather do all the mods and enjoy the bike the way it should be. Take the restrictor out of the exhuast but run the stock exhuast so as not to p#@s your neighbours off.




Any suggestions what I should jet it at for the mods I did. Simply cut the throttle stop and unplugged the gray wire.

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