Grease Fittings on WR Suspension???

Has anyone out there fitted their WR Swingarm and Linkage with Zerk Fittings?? I can see that it would be easily done on the swingarm, but the linkage components don't see to have enough clearance, even if you use the bolt itself.


Some have, most don't recommend it, as you will make the swingarm weaker and you won't be really greasing up what you need as the bearings (so im told) are sealed.

Agreed on the stock sealed bearings, but some of the replacement kits have bearings that would accept some grease. However, none of the grease would ever reach the bolt running through the swingarm, only the bearings. Darn things should come with Zerk fittings just like the old bullet-proof XRs!!

It won't work for the suspension linkage (the "wishbone" bearings.) You'd have to drill through the race of the bearing to get any grease to the pins. Once you take it apart it will become very obvious. Some claim to have made it work, but it doesn't seem likely that you'd ever get good coverage with the grease.

Warning: I've heard of oil seals pushing out when people try to grease the swingarm bearings via zert fitting. It's hard to imagine, considering how difficult it is to get the factory seals out, but apparently it has happened.

The stock wishbone bearing is that "perma-seal" type, but the ones from Pivot Works and other providers are in an open cage or simply pins not within a cage. Both appears as if they'd accept grease with no problems.

I've pumped grease in all sorts of things and never had it blow a seal!! :-)

Just gotta be careful!! :-)

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