Prairie City

Anyone racing the season opener at Prairie City? It will most likely be another mud bowl.

I would rather have mud :D then the dust :) See ya there. Senior C class # 480

Ok. You talked me into it. :) See you there. Super Senior C class. You guys stay out of my way or i'll smack ya with my kane! :D

Originally posted by Unkle Moose:

I would rather have mud :D then the dust :) See ya there. Senior C class # 480

I agree, at least we will be able see where were going :D Paul did you get a # yet.

I'm racing C4Stroke # 936, Doug

Doug, I haven't raced since last year. So I think they will give me a new number when I register. I will probably only do two races this year Prairie City and Hollister. The mud at Prairie City is a royal pain in the rear to get off the bike. Its like clay with super glue mixed in! :)

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Paul how's the boy? I will be there too!! B 4stk #78 finally down to double digits. :)

see ya at the races, huge

Paul coat that bike with lots of WD-40 all over everthing it makes clean up a lot easyer.I ues it when we ride at stonyford and the mud just rolls off.

monty :)

Howard, Josh is home now. He is hobbling around with a walker. He has a back brace and a neck brace but is doing ok. I told him he is in pretty good shape for an 80 year old! :) I'll see you at Prairie City. Paul

Sounds like fun, see you there

Rich, congrats on your 3rd place in the enduro series. Are you going to the awards banquet?


Yes I will be there,

Are You going?

No, I finised in 5th so I wasn't invited :) All is well i'll go riding instead :D . Have fun, Doug

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