Best Chain O-Ring or not

What do guys think is the best chain for a 450? What are the good and bad of o-ring vs. non-o-ring chains?

D.I.D. Gold 520 ERT non-Oring chain, i dont care for x-ring or o-ring chains. Ive ran DID gold chains on all of my bikes and never had one problem with stretching or breaking. They also last a long time.. Thats my vote

I prefer O-ring or x-ring chains simply because they tend to last longer. I ran one non o/x-ring and it didn't last for s*^$. BTW, you can tell a difference in power delivery between o-ring and x-ring. Xring feels better....slightly.

i guess it depends on the conditions and terrain you ride also.. the reason i run non o-ring is because im mostly on the track and replacing the chain every season. It seems easier to me to just scrub the non o ring chain with a wire brush, lube it up and move on with life. O-ring and x-ring chains tend to use a little more gentle maintence.

I've also read that o-ring chains do not do as efficient a job as non-o-ring chains at putting the power to the ground. There is a little more power loss for the o-ring. However, it is very slight and the vast majority of people cannot tell the difference.

O-rings last much longer and are much less susceptable to "shatterage" as a non-o-ring. Also, the ride is smoother and there is less chain noise.

O-ring chains are a way better value for off road trail riding. Just dont go crazy spending a lot of money. Primary drive makes a pretty good o-ring chain that is a great price. You can buy chains twice the price but they wont last any longer.:lol:

What do guys think is the best chain for a 450? What are the good and bad of o-ring vs. non-o-ring chains?
If you just ride trails, get the o-ring. If you race a track, get the non oring chain.

o-ring/x-ring tend to last longer, but they do rob some power. They are also wider for the same chain width, if clearance is an issue with your tire/bike setup. O ring type chains need a bit less maintance as well, and I'm lazy when it comes to that sometimes.

I run X-ring chains and replace them every year or so, but I ride 40 or 50 mile days 1 or 2 days a week, with some winter months seeing much more.

I hate to adjust chains, so I use an O-Ring chain. :lol:

Thanks for the info.

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