rebuild intervals

i have done 3000kms on my wr450 2005 model and thinking of a rebuild piston and rings. the dealer says it should be done every 2500kms is this right?

seems premature but i don't want to blow her up.

a rebuild will cost around $1000 Aus

i mainly use it off road on fire trails.

what do you guys think? :lol:

Change oil, clean air filter, check valves and ride it. It's not a crf, that motor should still be fresh!

i change the oil every three rides or 300kms

the valves have been checked every 800kms and still within spec (without shims)

basically i want to know if i am throwing $ away getting a rebuild now?

Yes, you are.

thanks for your help

i was woundering at how many km's would a piston and rings be required?

has anyone rebuild their wr? if so was there any tell tail signs?

when you change your filter take it apart see whast in it for metal... I heard from a dealer of an 03 with over 35000 km on it still running strong, dont worry man

9000kms on my 04, still runs like a wet dream, no smoke...etc.

5500 on mine and still goes hard and not even looking like it needs a rebuild - dont even think about wasting $1000 that early

put 20000klms on my 01 wr 426 still beats 450s:p dirt only

I have 6.000km on my 450 and the motor sings! No problem at all:ride:

over 5,250k's on my '05 and purrs like a kitten (on steroids)

oil change every 300k's (filter every second oil change)

air filter every ride

95 premium unleaded with valve saver fluid

valves checked every 800k's (haven't moved since first service at 300k's)

and as you know Anthony, it gets ridden reasonably hard and often - i make sure that it earns its keep !!

see you on a ride again one day at Dissa and you'll get a chance to give yours a good caning !

cheers ..

Thanks Guys,

i thought the dealer was talking bull but after owning a CRF i am weary of maintainance interval and preventative maintainance (the crf cost me a fortune to rebuild). the bike starts easy and runs great, i will put the rebuild to rest for another 3000kms!

Your help here is really appreciated!

re disa (pcof) i can't wait till winter so i can try telecom hill !!! in the meantime keep in touch brother :lol:

Mate has 23000km on his 426 (highway use) and still going strong ...he doesnt even check the valves that often:ride:

FYI you could do the re-piston/re-ring by yourself when the time comes. No maintenance on a bike is worth $1000 IMO, particularly such a relatively easy one as this.

Buy a Haynes/Clymer manual and you'll seriously be all set. Grab a buddy who knows what he's doing but there really is nothing to fear about the swap.

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