06 YZF 450 Exhaust DOES fit an 07 WR450!

Last night i put an 06 YZF450 pipe on my 07WR450. All i had to do to make it fit was swap the carbon sleeve that seals up between the header and muffler from the stock to the yz pipe, and bingo i have a cool pipe on my bike for bugger all money.

The noise difference was quite substantial in the shed, so i hope it is quieter outside.



Did you run your WR without the baffles and if so how much different did it run (especially on top)?

I will ride with the derestricted stock muffler first and then with the yz muffler when i get it back from the alloy manufacturer (bashplate), then i'll let you know.


I did the same thing with my '03 WR and it rocks. Way cheaper than buying an aftermarket pipe and it increases the power more than i expected. Oh, and did i say it sound cool too. BBBRRRAAAPPPP!!!



Greatest improvement yet from a stock pipe. Oh my god does this bike rock.

I found that with the stock pipe that the power was more like a light switch off the bottom, but the YZ pipe definatly smoothed it out.

One thing i know is that you really can't just snap the throttle on, you have to roll it to stop the front end heading skywards.

The YZ is definatly louder than stock, but the gains are worth it.

It really put more power down low and into the mid range. The top i beleived sacrifices a little bit, but to be perfectly honest i am not a good enough racer to be able to use the top end in any place besides a fire trail.



First big ride with it.

It is too loud.

Have to go for a Q4 i guess.

ears hurt

put ear plugs in. The noise is there to let the other jap bikes in front off you know that you are coming (DRZ'S, CRFS etc)

Try the GYTR silencer with the spark arrestor removed. I've got one on my

WR450 '07 and it halls as and sounds really cool.




and for a swap header...

change the stock WR 450 07 header for an stock YZF 06 header (the one which its like a "FMF megabomb".

did someone do it successfully?

regards, fLAVIO

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