2003 yz 450 clutch lever?

Msr Pro Raptor w/ thumb hot start Anybody heard anything about these clutch levers with the thumb hot start? GOOD OR BAD? Whats the pull like?

how do they hold up in a crash etc?

Does anybody have any other suggestions for a cluth lever W/perch that doesnt cost $100+?

I bought one last year from Rocky Mountain MC for my '03. It is their house brand, I bought it just for a back-up and ended up using it instead of the OEM. The one I bought has the hot start lever under the handlebar and uses a honda lever. It was cheap.

I just looked at the lever again. It's actually made by MSR but it still uses the Honda lever and it also has the cable quick adjust. It isn't as nice as the Factory Connection one but it also doesn't cost anywhere the same.

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