Hard Clutch Pull on 05 YZ450

I've been spoiled by riding KTMs w/ hydraulic clutches. I'm wondering if it is possible to put YZ250 clutch springs in and reduce the clutch pull (and still work well). I've seen 125 springs used in 250 bikes and it worked real well.

Has anyone switched springs and had good luck? If so, which ones did you use?

I don't want to spend a lot of money on the bike until I find out if I can get the suspension soft and plush enough for woods riding. I love the motor and it cranks first kick, hot or cold. However, the clutch pull and the suspension must be dealt with for long days of trail riding.



put a hydro clutch on it...

I'd try adding 1/2" to the clutch actuator arm. I did it to my '03 450 and it helped, I've ridden my buddies SX450 and my clutch pull is only a little tougher (now).

Do you mean where it comes out of the engine and attaches to the clutch cable? That makes sense if I can figure out how to do it.


Yes that's exactly where I added it. It's a pretty cheap mod and it's helped me and my arm pump. I could email you a pic if you PM me with your address.

I just got the 05 YZ250 clutch springs in (I see they also fit an RM80??). Since the diagram shows 6 springs on the YZ450, I think I'll try to swap out every other one and see how that works first. I will be careful to watch for clutch slippage and get them out immediately if I sense that. I've seen this work wonders on other bikes. We'll see. Has anyone already tried this on the YZ450?

I am also waiting on the photo of the extended clutch arm to see how that is done. That sounds real promising and logical if I can just find a way to do it.

Finally, does anyone make a clutch lever that is supposed to reduce the pull dramatically like the Enduro Engineering lever for KTMs? I've tied that and it works great.



I think I want to add 1/2" to the actuator arm to help reduce the clutch pull. I've got a small mig welder and I can handle the lengthening part fine. My question is "Can I remove the spring and simply lift the actuator arm out, or is something going to move and keep me from re-inserting it and putting the spring on it? Sorry, but I've never done that before and I don't want to pull it out and have things move around and be in a big mess? Thanks, JCW

You will need to remove the clutch cover, remove the pressure plate, and draw the push rod out at least 10mm.




You will need to remove the clutch cover, remove the pressure plate, and draw the push rod out at least 10mm.

Gray, it's been a couple of years (and a couple of crashes)since I did the mod. but I don't remember having the clutch cover off to remove the actuator arm. I thought that the arm could be removed and installed if you turned the arm 180 degrees from normal. My selective memory I guess.

Maybe not. The 426 and 450 release arms are different. The 426 can be pulled straight up and out because the flat on the shaft that pushes the push rod extends down and off the end of it. On the 450, the flat is as a notch cut into the shaft, meaning that the push rod extends "into" the release shaft, trapping it until the shaft is withdrawn far enough for it to clear the notch.

You're right grayracer513. It was worth a try and I just tried it and it will not come out. Unfortunately, I just changed the oil and I imagine the best time to pull the clutch cover off (needing access to both sides of the engine) is at an oil change. Since I just changed the oil and filter, I'll try to ride it a time or two and make the mod during the next oil change. That way I can keep the bike upright and not pour oil out everywhere. Thanks everyone & I'm going to try the ASV perch and lever also, as that is supposed to make a big improvement also.

If you start and run the engine long enough to purge the sump, you won't loose any oil to speak of. I've done clutch baskets without draining oil before. You have at least 3-4 hours to work with.

Thanks again. Tons of great information here!

I'm curious to know how the ASV perch/lever works & how much (if any) change was made in the clutch pull. I had my first ride on my '07 WR450 and going from the YZ250 to the 450 the clutch pull is quite hard.

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