New 02 426 project

Hello everyone, I have a couple of questions, first off, I bought more or less a basket case, everything is there as well as a spare transmission. The apparent reason for the dissassembly was a bent shift fork and then they found filings when it was taken apart. I guess the shop they brought it to gave them a wacky estimate and they gave up. I got it for a song so I don't mind spending a little to put it together. Other than the 03 camshaft(for the autodecompressor), is there any other updates I should be considering when I put it together? And now maybe a dumb question, I see all the cool plastics available ie yellow etc, so what happens with the blue tank? Do you need to buy one or do the graphics cover it?

02's were plenty sound so just a camshaft (auto) change should be good. Re the plastic, yes it does mean a new tank or tolerate the mismatch! Enjoy

Do a search on the BK mod...might as well do it while the carb is off the bike. You might consider installing a remote hot start also. But neither of those is a big deal to do when the bike is already put together as they don't require a major teardown anyway.

Since the bike is torn down and you are considering changing the color of the plastics then this would be the time to have the frame powder coated! The blue frame doesn't go well with different color plastics.

The BK mod can be found in the Common Threads sticky, along with the Cam Mod instructions and the full, original 100 page DCM thread.

Wow, you guys are fast, thanks, I hadn't even considered the frame color. Tomorrow is "sort the tranny parts out day"

Be critical of the locking dogs and slots in the gears. When you say "bent shift fork", it suggests to me that the original problem was jumping out of gear, jerking under a load in one or more gears, etc. This is caused by locking dog wear, and ends up bending the shift fork when it tries to hold it in. It would be no fun to pull the thing right back apart once it's finished.

If you go with a remote hotstart keep the cable clean and lubed. If not, the hot start button WILL seize in the carb. Don't ask how I know.

I would recommend and oversized front rotor and a stainless brake line.

I'm always so impressed with grayracer's knowledge. What a good man to share it with everyone!

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