Piggy w/ a Rekluse

Anyone have a BRP with an auto-clutch? How do you like it?

Anyone have a BRP with an auto-clutch? How do you like it?

gave me nothing but trouble, came apart (distroyed the basket), not for the guy racing a BRP. Great for the trail rider. You will get lots of guys saying it is great and it is good if you are not going to push the edge. It can not take abuse.

Yanked mine out. Much happier....1) just not for me 2) especially on a 650.

2 years trouble free so far on mine. Mostly tight, very steep and slow single track and dual-sport road use (terrain in Japan). Never gets full power because I'm old & don't have the skills. I do hear the "other" auto clutch is better....(but twice the price).

I think EFM would be a heavier duty design. You have to send them your basket and hub but they machine in larger oil passages. Not a easy bolt on like Recluse but seems to have more thought put into it.

where do you find efm?

i don't use my clutch much anyway, just to shift now and then. Most riding in 2 and 3rd. With the torque I never have to feather the clutch. Might like it though cause as I get older, my hands cramp easier.

Thanks guys, I was considering getting a used BRP that has one installed. I'll probably take it out if I end up with the bike.

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