xl 83 xrrised!


look at this pacific 1983 xl, where i put some of the spare parts i used to hold in my garage:

-cr 250 forks and front wheel

-xr 600 shock absorber and swingarm

-in the next months: nx 650 dominator engine.


Nice! I had (I think) an 84 that I bought new. It was the dual carb year. (I've had a lot of XR/XL's. The bright blue and white year. Solid slug of a bike. Yours must be MUCH nicer. I know the forks would help a bunch, how is the rear?

Other than the E start will the NX motor gain you anything?

I had an 83.I beat that thing for 2 years and it just would'nt die .Then sold it for more than I paid for it.I've been hooked on these big bore Honda ever since.Well done.

NX 650 motor will give bullet proof shift gears (4 pins instead than 2) and a single carb. it's for a customer willing an electric starter.

rear and front suspensions ar not 'state of the art' but their behaviour is very good for the performances of this thumper!

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