I paid 120 bucks shipment for a new (tall)seat foam and cover from Guts racing which cost about 90 bucks. I told them to ship it air mail and not UPS but........... !

This seat had better be good.

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I was just thinking the same thing, it better be good. I just ordered mine yesterday! I got tall foam, medium firmness, and the competition cover with the blue insert. Good luck to us!

Guts business must be booming, Just ordered mine yesterday also.

Went with the tall/soft foam and the competition cover.

I hope it is not too soft.

Also ordered the small tool bag that goes on the rear fender, really miss the one the XR.


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I installed a DeVol Racing (I think it is the same as the GUTS) tall foam and cover as soon as I bought the's great. A little tall, but I like mine (I'm 6'-1").


I ordered mine on Thursday of last week. Tall seat and comp. cover. I hope its great !!!!! I'm 6'3"

Pete :)

I purchased frame guards and skid plate from Works Connection for my sons 250F. The frame guards cut the boots. So what should I do? By boot guards? We don't know here the skid plate fell of but hearing from other riders, this is common. We bought a full cover Devol skid plate and it is still place 90 days longer than the previous W.C. plate.



Ok it's been killing me , I gotta know. What the heck are you doing in Switzerland? It seems your an American. I read your profile but it gave me no clues. Your actually in one of the countries on my have to see list, which includes Austria, Germany, Sweden (wifes relatives) Australia, got to see Africa again thats goal #1


Anybody got tips on the install of the foam/cover. I've heard it is not quite as easy as it sounds to get it fitting perfectly.


Mine came with instructions so I knew which end to start at etc. Make sure you remove your seat anchor bolts. Use plennty of staples and remove all of the old staples. Cut and trim as you see fit - after you install.

Make sure you pull towards the centre and not forwards or backwards as this will creat kinks.

Work on both sides at the same time. Get the general tightness and positoning done for all areas first then finish off. This allows you to get the general positioning first and tighten everything up afterwards.

Took me about a half hour all told. Removing the old cover & staples took me the longest.


Use a hair dryer to keep the new cover warm as you go it will stretch tighter. This is a trick an upholstrey friend taught me. This works extremely well on the thick mil seat covers.


I've done several; heat the cover first as suggested. staple the front and back first, keeping the cover taunt, then do the sides. The key is a good staple gun. Most regular (Arrow T-50, etc) staple guns just are not powerful enough to do the job. You need an upholstery or woodworking gun. Be careful, don't put a staple in your hand or eye!

You can do isn't hard if you can borrow a pro grade staple gun.


I'm 6'4" and I put a ONE IND cover over a fx tall foam.. what a f..n. pain!! First I cut a few holes in the bottom of the foam to soften it a little, and used GOOP to keep my foam on the frame, and the extra foam, from the stock seat, under the tall foam at the rear 6" of the seat, where I sit. A lot of heat and pulling, start at the front... lots of staples and time to stetch. try to hard or fast as it will rip. I had a friend help with the heat and holding while I strech and staple. LOOKS AWESOME!

I had 1 problem... the stapler jammed... and when I pulled the mangled staple out, and a new 2nd staple came out and attacked my thumbnail!! :)

one small extra hole in my hand, for a geat looking, very comfy seat! well worth the effort!

I too am thinking of the GUTS racing Tall foam... I'd love to know how soft the soft is, and how hard the hard is... but as I am a long way away (Australia) and postage will be a fair bit, then I want to make sure I get something I am 'comfortable' with... if you can let me know how the soft compares to te factory seat, then I would be most grateful... I get terse, one line replies to my e-mail enquiries, and they never answer the questions I ask in any detail...

Has any one used the CEET Foam? CEET Racing Are you happy with it?

Looking forward to hearing of your experiences...



I just received my guts seat cover and stiff seat foam, and I think the stiff seat foam is softer than the stock seat foam. I too was thinking of getting something softer, but after considering that sliding forward on a soft seat may be a little difficult. I will post my opinion about the complete package when I get the the beast all put back together. My 2 cents. Good Luck.....

Pete :)

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