XR650 Rally Fairing on Acerbis Sahara tank

Ok.. well after looking around the world.. I have only found one unit that is in production from African Queens. It's a nice unit but by the time I pay for shipping to the States it will cost over $2500. That's a bit much for me.

So I have decided to make my own mold and lay down a proto in Fiberglass and then after making it perfect vacumn bag one out of Carbon Fiber.

I been talking to a few on Advrider.com http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=196917that are showing interest in having me make one for them as well... So I decided to open this up for all that are interested.

post if you would be intersted in having one made for you. I beleive that this unit can be adapted to fit any of the Acerbis 6 gallon rally tanks (Yamaha, Honda CRFX, KTM)

here is the initial design that still needs tweaking


Might be interested! Keep us posted with how it goes, please :lol:

Might be interested! Keep us posted with how it goes, please :confused:

I may need Bold New Graphics if I get that one! :lol:

Feh! You need Bold New Graphics regardless. I mean, come on! :lol:

Definitely interested

very interested if this comes to be. I saw the posting on adv rider as well. Price seems very attractive.

Fabrication on these are done and in production



took the first producton unit out for a 500 mile d/s ride in Mexico. worked perfect with no issues whats so ever.

if your interested in making a rally pig. here's the link.


A few updated pictures of the fairing




How much to have one made?

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