Warp 9 Racing Products

Anyone bought a wheel or wheelset from these guys? They are advertising a complete rear wheel (minus rim lock) for around 350.00. I'm looking for input as to quality, fit, finish etc. Thanks.

I have seen nothing but problems with these wheels. Everything from spokes constantly coming loose to hubs exploding.BEWARE!

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

according to the new issue of motocross action they are a solid wheel. it got 4 out of 5 stars. i was looking at them to have a wheel i could leave a paddle on. at such a cheap price i am skeptical seeing as how other aftermarket wheels are around 700 plus. does anyone have any real world experiance with these?

Two people in my group are running paddles on the Warp9 wheels... as far as I know they have not had any issues.

I ran one for 6 months --- desert riding and racing... no problems so far. Just like any other wheel, double check the spoke tension every 2-3 rides. If it explodes, I'll be the first to tell everyone here.

I bought one for a paddle and have a couple of rides on it. I have no complaints so far except that my stock spoke wrench doesn't fit. It even came with a 50T sprocket, which I was thinking of switching to anyway.

Mine didn't come with the wheel spacers as advertised on Rocky Mountain though.

I have 5 or 6 buddies that run them with there paddles. No problems yet and they ride the crap out of them.

I Allways See Those On Ebay And They Go For Around 700 Or 800 For The Set And I Think They Come With Brakes And Sprockets All Ready Mounted Sweet Deal If They Freakin Last I Might Get A Pair Well See What Comes Up In The Forum

I will find someone to help me post pictures that I have of a Warp 9 wheel that exploded at a motocross race in nevada. It was on Greg Godfreys bike and it almost hurt him bad.I don`t think that riding in the dunes is as hard on them as Moto-cross.

I asked about these wheels setups yesterday at a shop and he said they where comparable to prowheels know i dont know alot about them either but yes it almost did seem to good to be true.

I bought 2 sets of brand new rims from them. They are great in my opinion.

I have a Warp 9 wheel that I have been running for months. I ride and race Desert. I swap back and forth between my OEM. It seems to withstand getting flat spots better than my OEM. I haven't seen any problems with the spokes but I check mine every couple rides anyway. I was also checking into getting a spare front wheel with my local dealer and they said Warp 9 also has the front wheels with the rotors for the same price and that they now have custom colors like blue or black with chrome hubs. They had a set there and they looked sick! Color option was only $30 more! Which they would have had that when I bought mine. They also showed me the Motocross Action test article which rated them extremely well.

I am very happy with mine overall.

Anyone offering a not-recommended opinion here over 180 pounds? Cyclegear is having a good sale. I need a second rear wheel for a paddle.

No problems with riding and desert racing mine. It's been almost 9 months since the install and they seem to hold up just fine. No overly loose spokes and no flat spots. Good stuff IMHO.

im a bigger guy, 6'2 and 200 lbs. i bought the warp 9 as a wheel to keep a paddle on as did my cousin brandon stewart (of leap of faith fame circa custy 3 on which his excel/talon wheel exploded on impact). im only throwing that out there so youll get the idea of the beating weve put them through. while yes weve been riding them in the dunes, comming up short is still comming up short, landing on flat is still landing on flat and 100 ft. gaps are still 100 ft gaps. the overall abuse they handled was as good as any wheel weve ever ridder. we even used them on some ramp to dirt hits. they came balanced, solid and can be whipped with ease. they look decent enough and i really was skeptical but they have yet to fail me and have had some extremely hard landings on them, no worries. just check the spokes and grease em and they work just fine. i am in no way trying to stroke my ego with this post (oooh he thinks hes mr air time), i just want to put it out there that they have handled any abuse either of us could possible throw at them. i recommend them, i mean theyre 359...even if they blow up when you take them out of the box, theyre a deal!

I used them at the Laughlin Hare Scramble recently.If any of you have raced that before, you know how rough it is.They worked great.We broke them in at some local MX tracks prior to Laughlin and tightened the spokes about 3 times. After that, they stayed tight.They use bigger spokes than the stock Yamaha does. Oh,I weigh 205#

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