YZ250 or YZ450F

I am selling my 01 wr426 and getting a motocross bike. What do you guys think i should get? i am 6'2" and 200lbs. I want to do some jumping, motocross, dunes, and some desert riding. Thanks for the opinions! Post em!

You probably should ride a 250F to see if you like it.

My take on it is that after spending so much time on the big bike, you will not be content with the lack of bottom end grunt on the 250F. If you are concerned about the weight of the 450, or the controllability of the power, and assuming you are looking at an '06 or '07, forget both concerns. The new YZ 450's quite literally feel as light as many two-strokes under way, and the power is delivered very smoothly. Fantastic suspension, too. Great bike for almost anyone.

Earlier YZ450's are another matter. Lighter and faster than your WR, but sometimes quite a handful.

i think you should just move up to the 450.....its not all that hard to learn on....i went from a 125 to a 450 and i learned on it faster then i did on my 125

Are you are talking about a YZ250T or YZ250F?

I recently (about 6 months) switched from a 93 YZ250T to an 06 YZ450F and I love the power of the new bike, especially on the track. But my old YZ250T is better in the tight woods and easier to start if you dump it. IMHO.

That said, I haven't ridden the old YZ250 since I got the new bike, but I still wonder if I made the right decision. The new YZ250T is pretty nice.

If you are talking about a YZ250F, I think you would be disappointed in the power delivery compared to the 450.

thanks guys i had a wr250f and the 250f is not enough thump in the dunes. I am talking about a 2 smoker or a 04 yz450 i dont have enough for a brand new one. thanks

The only thing I can say is just because the power is there doesn't mean you have to use it but when you need it it is awesome. I love the 250's but you have to ride them like a 125 if you are in the 200 lbs. area. My vote, go with the 450 my '06 is the sweetest dune bike I have ever riden.

Get the 450. You'll love it! I recently moved up from a 125 to a 450 and love it. Very easy bike to learn on.

I rode a 00 KX250 2 stroke for about a year and just purchased an 07 YZ450 and absolutely love it. I weigh about 205 lbs. It is as light as my KX and handles like a dream! Power everywhere whenever you need it!

I just got an '06 YZ450F and haven't found anything that I can't climb. Sand included. No run necessary on some gnarly hills!!! Love that power!

Not even a question for me! I'm a new rider, started on a 450 and never felt the least bit intimidated on it. I would have been really bummed had I gone the 250 route and I'm a lot smaller then you. Also, sand robs power in a big way so if you plan on riding in it, don't even consider the 250.

i would go with the 450! ur already on a big-bore 4 stroke, the trasition to an MX bike will be easier with a familiar power curve...

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