As I was thumbing through my copy of dirt rider magazine last night I came across coverage of our trip to Lake Elsinore, CA for the GP.

Casually browsing the pages I look at page 101 and there is a picture of Rodney Smith riding through town and THERE I AM! Right at the rear fender of his bike in the yellow shirt!!!! SWEET!

Now if I can just prove to my friends that me somehow...... :):D:D:D:D:D

Sorry I'm so excited about this, but this has always been a lifelong dream of mine to grace the pages of my favorite magazine. :D

Can I have your autograph? Could be worth millions some day...

Local Missouri Boy makes it BIG! I love it. Congratulations I'll have to get a copy.

Thank you, Thank you.

I will be holding a press conference and shortly afterward a autograph session out front of my house tomorrow morning.

Admission is free.

Sorry Darin, I only subscribe to Dirt Bike, Motocross Action, MX, Trailrider, Cycle World, Motocyclist, AMA magazine and Rolling Stone :)


Way cool :) What's on the cover of that issue? I'll see if I have it.


Darin, personally I think you have been ripped off! If you made the journey all the way from Springfield, MO out to California for the Elsine GP they should have done a story on you. Being in the background of a picture of another rider just isn't good enough, you should definately complain. Eric

Eric right, they should have done a story on you. At least a trophy or something. Geeze.



Too bad Rodney Smith weasled into YOUR shot! If I had known you were famous, I would have had you autograph the helmetcam before you mailed it.

Bill, Its the new issue (Im not sure what month) with someone riding a 250F and in bold print on the front they are talking about the new 2003 450F.

Actually, I was just glad to be able to be there and see and particapate in such an awesome race. Everything about it was so much fun. I'd like to go back again someday.

If they were actually to ask me something, (Dirt Rider) I would probably just say something really hicky and Ozarkish. :)

Hey caffd01, You'll be glad to know that HC particapated in that race! :D


Gee, everytime I see a blurred unrecognizable picture of someone with a yellow shirt I will assume that it is you. L.O.L.



Gee, everytime I see a blurred unrecognizable picture of someone with a yellow shirt I will assume that it is you. L.O.L.


Hey Darin, now that you're famous (?!?), just remember about the "Gruber Incident". Just in case I have to keep you humble..... HAHA :D:)


Your goning to have to kick this "oldbutslow" guy off the board for good. He's been harassing me and all kinds of nasty stuff.

He has no place on this forum.

DO IT QUICK! Thanks! :)

Wow MOmilkman I just happen to have the mag right here next to me at work. Too cool. Just don't forget us small people at TT when you get the modeling gig. :)


How can I pick on a guy who has the name sake of my riding style :):D:D


That's so cool Milky!

And I knew when you were just a little pup with only a 2x10 as a motorcycle loading ramp for your pickup!



Hey Bryan, Whazzzzup! (is whazzzzzzup still in?, sorry) anyways, nice to hear from you.

I have acually stepped up from the 2X10 board plank for a loading ramp and now have a full blown pull behind your truck trailor.

Even a metal loading ramp! :)

Well enough for now, I need to get back to dyno-testing a gaggle of pipes Tom Webb sent me.


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