What do you guys think?>

Ive been thinking of getting rid of the pig and getting into shifter karts... im still a bit iffy on it maybe this winter weather has been too harsh on me, i dunno... but i keep on thinking about getting into them... What do you guys think? Every had any experience with them?

I have really been thinking about building one of those. I have a old gixxer 750 wp that I've been debating whether or not to put it in a bike or build a cart.

heh nice! I would like too! well i posted my bike up on craigslist and the first guy who replies about it is a guy with a 1983 CR480 that he wants to trade me straight up and his second gear is missin too HAHA its like WOW ok what a DEAL! CR480 those were great known bikes right! HAHAHAHA

Getting both is the only sane solution.

Ten years ago I got a chance to drive a 100cc Komer? Komet? Klomer? powered cart. It had a centripical clutch and wasn't that quick but was almost difficult to drive it cornered so hard. I swore I'd get one some day. Rumor of a NASCAR track in Boise with a supercart track is true so there may be one in my future.

So anyway, keep the pig, upgrade the pig, ride the hell out of the pig, and pass the pig down to your children when you are too old to ride it. Your running and well kept XR600 will never be worth less than a grand... so what's the harm in keeping it another decade?



I competed for 4 years and hung it up two years ago. I can tell you i have never done anything more challenging/fun....you never stop learning how to make the kart handle better/go faster. If i had endless funds i'd still be doing it....at the club level your looking at approx $400-500/ race for Tires, parts, practice, entry, race fuel, not to mention time off of work. For the national level your looking at approx $10,000 to be competetive at a Stars race. This is assuming you run 125 ICC. 20050129_02.jpg

Hmmm this might be more of an expense than I thought... Dirtbiking might be better for now hehe i like the idea of spending money for gas only to go have fun for a day... What comparisons are there from the CR500 vs the 600r other than being 2 stroke ofcourse... anyone ever own one of those... I cant be getting tired of the 600r i dont know what stages I am going through hehe..

Carts are cool but very expensive and something else to consider, where are you gonna ride it, most tracks have a yearly membership you must buy and at $2000-5000 that aint cheap either.

Get the cr500 they are awesome machines and fully capable of fulfilling any need for speed/power you may have. If you can afford it get the service honda cr500 afx at about $9000 or $11000 fully tricked out with your choice of color frame, swingarm, rims and a polished motor (the entire motor) check it out. http://www.servicehonda.com/06_500AFX.html :lol:

or http://www.servicehonda.com/blueaf.htm

You will find that keeping a good rear tire will prove to be costly enough.

What was the last year Honda produced the cr500?

wasnt it like 2001 or somthing?

I will chime in on this KARTS are awsome. Kart racing can be spendy $$$$ but so can motorcycles even BMX racing with my kids can get costly a high end BMX bike can reach motorcycle $$$$. If karts are of an interest to you go to your local track and watch and if the competitors are not busy ask a few questions. There are many classes of karts and just like anything else the fastere we want to go the more we are going to spend. I have raced 4 different class of karts all of them fun. The first thing I would pay attention to is the tires in Karts we go by heat cycles if you manage the heat cycles of the tire you can manage to cost. Ask at your local track about heat cycles and how much they could get out of a set again depending on the class. I really like my 80cc shifter kart on a little harder compound because you have to drive more ( it likes to slide) and can get more heat cycles out of the tires.

If you go kart racing don't get all caught up in building motors for awhile seat time is the best way to get fast. Motors are worth 100ths. and 10ths. Drivers are worth seconds.

OH I would race karts anyday but my boys like the motorcycles more!


Thanks for all the cool info! I just dont know where to start weather it be 80cc or 125cc i guess both are really fast either way... if i had one I wouldnt be out racing it 24/7 though it would be a rare deal im sure... Do you spend alot of time working on them? or can u take it out to a track and play with it all day and not have to worry about blowing or breaking somthing everytime ur at a track..?

My son and I did the Bondurant kart course last year. Talk about a blast.

http://www.bondurantsuperkarts.com/ Their karts are powered by Honda 125 2stroke engines. They were so fast. The instructor looked like he was in a slot car he was going so fast.

I knew the Gixxer was too much motor for a kart in the video. He could never use all the power.

A coworker got me interested. He had been karting for 2 years and just completed a driving school. I raced motorcycles, I can go fast I'll be able to beat him. Was I wrong. Like BMXRDAD said, it is more skill and handling than power. The races are won in the corners. I kept screwing up the corners and losing all my speed. The fast guys look like they never let up in the corners.

Karts are a lot of fun. The only problem is finding a place to use them.

SKUSA shifter kart usa is the shifter kart org. Also look for used equip. You can sometimes get 2 karts tons of parts with a trailer for the price of one new kart.


Ive been thinking of getting rid of the pig and getting into shifter karts... im still a bit iffy on it maybe this winter weather has been too harsh on me, i dunno... but i keep on thinking about getting into them... What do you guys think? Every had any experience with them?

I'd start with a non-shifter kart, unless you've already got kart racing experience. I looked into this pretty seriously about 10 years ago, then they closed the track near where I lived.

My experience road racing is that the first year or so is spent learning how to drive/ride and there's no point in spending the money on a really high performance machine. The money's much better spent on track time.

Look at a KT100 kart first, then move up as you learn.

According to a friend of a friend that races a 125 shifter, he gets 1-2 weekends out of a piston, and that's just the beginning of the expenses.

Maybe I'm crazy,but, I think the EPA has out the door plans for the 2-stroke vehicle(s)-------emmisions.

So when is someone gonna drop a BRP motor into one of those things?

Geez, with the way that guy would spin out in the corners, you would think he'd put tires on the rear that are about twice as wide as the ones he has on there... In the race against the viper, he spun out twice.


If you are really wanting to learn about Karts I would not start off in a shifter kart. The non shifter karts are really very fast but most important you learn how to drive and set up the kart. Then if you want to take the next step you will know alot about chassis set up. A shifter kart is a handfull and the learning curve would be very steep, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO LEARN. If you want to go have a lot of fun an 80 in my opinion is awsome the tire is a harder compound in most areas and will last a little longer than the 125.

I was fortunate enough to drive both and I could go completely through a set of 125 tires in a day NO PROBLEM! On race day I would use at least two sets.

The TAG classes are very good for a new person to start in, the on board starter really makes it nice. Check the local tracks in my area you buy a membership and geta key or pass for the gate you could go every day if wanted. Some of the most fun is getting a friend and chase each other setting up passes and a little rubbin is racing fun!!!!!!

Check out: kartingnews.com


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