XRR hotcam Question

I am very interested in installing a hotcam in my 2004 XR650R. I installed one in my 2004 honda rubicon and was ammazed by the improvement. My problem is does anyone have any info on the difference between the stage 1 and 2 ?

Will i need race fuel with the stage 2 ? Does the stock engine work better with the stage 1 ?...Cause if its just the stage 2 provides more power ill go with that...Im new to this site so any help will be greatly appreciated ...thanks guys

I have the stage 2 on a my 650r 03, springs and valves stok. I gave me mor power on low RPM, i can't say there was improvemement on high rpm nor reflects on top speed, it remained the same. But with the stage 2 i cant take sand in 3rd when i had to drop to 2nd...

Wow really ehh.....i put one in my honda rubicon and it made such a difference i couldnt beleive it???? the top speed increased by 10 KLM/h which is alot for a work horse and it will out run a rincon 650 to top speed? Maybe the stage 1 will be a better buy with the stock engine?

i wouldn't know. I really like the performance of the stage 2 on my bike, When I installed it I already had a full exhaust system and jetted accordingly. to be honest i would't notice if i gained 10 - 15 km/h on top speed. i forgot, the fuel range improved with the cam change

Now the cylinder head is ported, all the gears feel longer and there is no end for 5th gear. I had to rejet and i'm evaluating opening up the air box.

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